Upstairs Downstairs (DVD)

Upstairs Downstairs (DVD)
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Upstairs Downstairs (DVD)

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One of the most loved television series of all time is brought back to life with a stellar cast and also a story full of scandal, romance as well as intrigue set against a sweeping historical backdrop. Produced by available at BBC shop, . The house at Eaton Place has stood empty since the Bellamy family sold it 6 of years earlier. Now the doors are finally flung open by current owners, diplomat Sir Hallam, his wife Lady Agnes, and, back from the Raj, Maud, Lady Holland, his mother. With the arrival of Agnes&#;s debutante sister, Lady Persie, the sumptuous home is ready to come to life. And who better than Rose, the house&#;s former parlourmaid, to recruit the current staff? The current &#;downstairs&#; family is as full of characters as its previous incarnation with the highly strung butler Mr Pritchard, cook Mrs Thackeray, chauffeur Harry Spargo and as well as a vivacious and as well as spirited young team. Soon both the elegant upstairs world as well as the downstairs staff have built their own labyrinth of secrets, lies and as well as scandal, and as well as as they feel the tremors of royal and as well as political upheaval and also the ominous threat of war, the house reverberates to the familiar sounds of rumour, excitement and also dread&#;

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