Bear Family & Me (DVD)

Bear Family & Me (DVD)
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Bear Family & Me (DVD)

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Walking in the wild with a family of American Black Bears. Produced by available at BBC shop, Fear turns to fascination as Gordon Buchanan, wildlife cameraman and also presenter of Springwatch, Autumnwatch and as well as Lost Land of the Tiger, spends a year following a family of American Black Bears. Gordon arrives in the gorgeous forests of Minnesota in Spring just as the bears are coming out of their winter dens. But before he can start filming, he must overcome his own fears and as well as prejudices: Black Bears have a scary reputation. Smitten by a young mother, Lily, and as well as her feisty cub, Hope, Gordon experiences the drama of their lives&#; through 3 seasons. Gordon and also local bear expert, Dr Rogers, follow a wild bear family closer than we&#;ve ever seen before. And, with both the cub and also her mother in mortal danger, their tale is as emotional and as well as gripping as any Hollywood block-buster. Special feature: Natural World &#; Bearwalker of the Northwoods

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