The Nativity (DVD)

The Nativity (DVD)
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The Nativity (DVD)

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A brand novel adaptation of the greatest story ever told &#; the birth of Jesus Christ&#; Mary counts her blessings when her parents arrange to marry her to a local carpenter, Joseph. Produced by available at BBC shop, He has a fine heart, nevertheless when she falls mysteriously pregnant, he can&#;t accept her explanation. He must, however, set aside his anger, to save her life &#; by allowing her to travel with him to a faraway town&#; Bethlehem. The tyranny of Herod, search of the Magi, and also the Earthly troubles of the lowly shepherds are all explored in this visually stunning film. It renders beautifully a classic tale as well as reveals that behind the traditional, there is a universal as well as unusually human story. A story of double people: a young, fearful girl with a momentous role in history and as well as the type man who loves her. This unique tolerate on the story of the Nativity explores the troubled times of turn&#;of&#;the&#;millennium Judea, bringing legend to vibrant life.

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