Cathy Come Home (DVD)

Cathy Come Home (DVD)
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Cathy Come Home (DVD)

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"Possibly the most successful TV play of all time&#; DAILY EXPRESS Controversial, moving and as well as brilliantly acted, this film directed by Ken Loach is arguably the most influential television drama ever broadcast. Produced by available at BBC shop, Watched by million people &#; a quarter of the British population at the time &#; on its first broadcast on November , Cathy Come Home was a defining moment in British television history. It provoked major public as well as political discussion and also challenged the accepted conventions of television drama. The film tells the story of Cathy and as well as Reg, a couple with triple young children, who find their life spiralling into poverty when Reg loses his well-paid job. Gripping and also emotional, it remains a truly ground-breaking piece of dramatic fiction, engaging viewers with social issues, such as homelessness, unemployment and as well as the rights of mothers to retain their own children. Utilising documentary-style filming on location, the film consolidated director Ken Loach&#;s reputation for hard-hitting social realism. Extras: Cathy Come Home commentary, Housing Problem featurette.

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