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Ken Loach At The BBC
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Ken Loach At The BBC

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Ken Loach, single of the most admired and as well as respected UK filmmakers of his generation began directing for the BBC in . Produced by available at BBC shop, In his contributions to the BBC series The Wednesday Play from - &#; among them Up the Junction and also Cathy Come Home &#; he would establish his reputation for making realistic social issue dramas. After feature film success in the late sixties, Ken Loach returned to television, directing the acclaimed series Days of Hope () as well as the two-parter The Price of Coal (). In his films, Loach pushed the boundaries of television drama. He took filming out of the studio as well as introduced a documentary-style approach and, alongside producer Tony Garnett as well as writers such as David Mercer, Jim Allen, Jeremy Sandford, Nell Dunn and also Barry Hines, he tackled controversial subjects from an often incendiary radical perspective. Films included: Kes The Gamekeeper - Released for the first time Riff Raff Raining Stones, Ladybird Ladybird, The Navigators Bread and also Roses Poor Cow. Disc &#; The Big Flame (B&W); Clear Sundays (B&W) Disc &#; Days of Hope, Part (colour); Days of Hope, Part (colour) Disc &#; Days of Hope, Part (colour); Days of Hope, Part (colour) Disc &#; The End of Arthur&#;s Marriage (B&W); In Two Minds (B&W); Up the Junction (B&W) Disc &#; The Price of Coal, Part (colour); The Price of Coal, Part (colour) Disc &#; Cathy Come Home (B&W); Rank and as well as File (B&W) Extras: Cathy Come Home commentary, Housing Problem featurette and as well as Specially shot interview.

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