Monty Don's Italian Gardens (DVD)

Monty Don's Italian Gardens (DVD)
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Monty Don's Italian Gardens (DVD)

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Monty Don conducts his deeply personal &#;grand tour&#; visiting Italy&#;s most beautiful, significant as well as absorbing gardens. Produced by available at BBC shop, The gardens of Italy rank amongst the ideal treasures of the world, influencing and as well as inspiring almost every landscape designer since the Renaissance. In this four-part series Monty Don travels the length of Italy visiting formal gardens, secret hideaways and as well as luxurious villas, unravelling their history, drama, romance, intrigue as well as beauty. From the cliff top delights of the Amalfi coast to the lovingly-created and as well as spectacular gardens of the Lakes, Monty explores the culture, the politics and also climate that have shaped Italy&#;s loveliest gardens and as well as meets those keeping alive the passion for the land. Bursting with big characters, compelling stories and as well as stunning scenery, this engaging series shares Monty Don&#;s views as well as impressions of these celebrated Italian gardens.

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