Our War (DVD)

Our War (DVD)
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Our War (DVD)

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This acclaimed documentary series solves a soldier&#;s eye view of the conflict in Afghanistan. Produced by available at BBC shop, It&#;s the most eye-opening, startling and as well as moving account of the war there&#;s ever been. No modern conflict has been recorded like the war in Afghanistan. Young soldiers took their cameras to the front line as well as filmed the war as only they could witness it. Now the M.O.D. as well as the soldiers have released this footage to support keeps you informed their extraordinary stories. In these films we relive the stories of a largely teenage platoon from the Royal Anglian Regiment experiencing their first taste of war; a platoon from the Grenadier Guards dealing with terrifying Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) as well as the nd Battalion Princess of Wales Regiment, fighting under rules to protect civilians whilst struggling to train the Afghan National Police. We witness the exhilaration, terror and as well as tragedy of modernwarfare as well as the bravery and as well as professionalism of those on the front line.

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