The Michael Parkinson Collection (DVD)

The Michael Parkinson Collection (DVD)
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The Michael Parkinson Collection (DVD)

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Welcome to the Michael Parkinson Collection, my personal choice of the best moments from over interviews from the entire back catalogue of Parkinson. Produced by available at BBC shop, Join me as I obtain you on a tour of the most vital cultural figures of the th as well as st century that I was lucky enough to meet. The Michael Parkinson Collection remembers the time I met the ideal stars of the golden period of Hollywood and as well as later charted the rise of the modern superstars. It celebrates comic genius in all its forms and as well as looks back to the times I basked in the charms of the world&#;s most bewitching women and also lauded the greatest sportsmen of their generation including that most singular man Muhammad Ali. It includes eyewitness accounts of a generation who lived through and also fought in 2 World Wars as well as the thoughts of poets, scientists and also politicians. You&#;ll find out who my all time favourite guests were plus what happened when I met Meg and as well as what it&#;s extremely like interviewing an Emu. The Michael Parkinson Collection - a reminder that for over years I had the best profession in the world. Enjoy.

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