Sorry: Series 6 (DVD)

Sorry: Series 6 (DVD)
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Sorry: Series 6 (DVD)

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In a role specially written for him, Ronnie Corbett is hilarious as the eternally frustrated Timothy Lumsden. Produced by available at BBC shop, One of the most successful comedy series of the s, Sorry confirmed Corbett as a British comic institution.There might not be a woman competent enough for her Timmy, yet Phyllis is not almost to bestow her tank top-wearing, forty-something son an effortless time. Timothy&#;s slight rebellions &#; such as going out on his bath night &#; incite her full wrath as well as any attempts to speak his mind are met with the fiercest of rebukes &#; "We are not at home to Mr Cheeky!".Undaunted, Timothy &#; urged on by his sister Muriel as well as his friend Frank &#; continues to seek an escape from Stalag , Ravenscroft Avenue with love as the spur to untie the knots on his mother&#;s apron strings.In this sixth series there&#;s an escaped convict, a female mud wrestler, a chief inspector as well as vicar in the house and also an assertiveness course somehow leads to Timothy proposing to his girlfriend. As wedding bells beckon, could Timothy finally have made his escape? Despite his mother&#;s interventions, everything has been taken care of to create sure the day runs smoothly &#; therefore what could possibly go wrong?

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