Two Ronnies: Series 12 (DVD)

Two Ronnies: Series 12 (DVD)
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Two Ronnies: Series 12 (DVD)

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The classic BBC Comedy series starring Ronnie Barker as well as Ronnie Corbett. Produced by available at BBC shop, Ronnie Barker and as well as Ronnie Corbett were a comedy team whose talents complemented each other perfectly in a series that would run for years and also become section of British television history. From their introduction, "And in a packed programme tonight..." to the &#;Goodnight from him&#;, viewers would savour the familiar features &#; the news items, party, doctor, tramp and as well as yokel sketches, Ronnie Barker&#;s speeches as well as the rambling monologues from Ronnie Corbett. The 6 of episodes of this twelfth and as well as final series were broadcast between Christmas and as well as February . Keeping laughs coming right until the end, the series contained fantastic unbelievable sketches such as Saying Everything Twice, The Cockney Rhyming Police and as well as Mutiny on the Crunchie. Mini dramas included It Came From Outer Hendon and as well as Hercule Poirot Meets Miss Marple and also musical numbers featured Barker&#;s superior Lightweight Louie Danvers. The series musical guests were Phil Collins and as well as Barbara Dickson.

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