Top Gear: Complete Series 11 (DVD)

Top Gear: Complete Series 11 (DVD)
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Top Gear: Complete Series 11 (DVD)

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The Complete th Series - The overgrown boys are back &#; bigger, faster and as well as more explosive than ever. Produced by available at BBC shop, In series watch as Jeremy, Richard as well as James put a massive range of used and also original cars through a series of crazy challenges, pushing machines to the limit in the name of entertainment. Tyres burst, clutches seize, gearboxes disintegrate, engines fail as well as bits drop off in their hands, stretching the boys&#; resourcefulness, ingenuity and also patience to breaking point. Fasten your seatbelts as you watch their attempts to build a better police car with ancient bangers, race a Nissan GT-R against the fearsomely efficient Japanese public transport system, break down in 3 sub-£, Alfa Romeos, invent car fox-hunting using only a Daihatsu Terios x as well as Jeremy as the prey, as well as endeavor not to cause a diplomatic incident as they seize on the German version of Top Gear in a series of grueling automotive tests. And as if that wasn&#;t enough, the boys moreover find time to test some of the hottest modern models around including the Ferrari Scuderia, Mitsubishi Evo X, Bentley Brooklands as well as Mazda&#;s stunning Furai concept car.

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