Threads (DVD)

Threads (DVD)
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Threads (DVD)

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Directed by: Mick Jackson The closest you&#;ll ever wish to come to nuclear war. Produced by available at BBC shop, &#;THREADS&#; - a shockingly realistic account of global nuclear war and also its horrific aftermath. It&#;s a normal Thursday in Sheffield when East as well as West stumble into war and also Britain is devastated by megatons of nuclear explosives... This chilling film tells the story of a nuclear strike on Britain. Through the eyes of 2 families we witness the immediate after effects of the attack - the shock, grief, radiation sickness, hypothermia as well as starvation. In the months that follow, hideous injuries remain untreated, looters are shot on sight, food supplies run out and also many die in the intense cold of the nuclear winter. Thirteen years on reveals a depopulated Britain living below subsistence level - a devastated economy where money has no value, crops fail through lack of pesticides, no fuel and also machinery, and also a brutalised post war generation grows up stunted mentally, physically as well as emotionally. The fragile fibres that hold society together - the threads - have been completely destroyed and also there is no outside aid. The end of the world as we understand it... Written by Barry Hines. Produced and also directed by Mick Jackson.

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